Suppliers and Manufacturers of Smart Stone / Roman Stone / Quantum Quartz and other quartz stone in and around Brisbane.

Now Fabricating and installing 0% Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces    Now Fabricating and installing 0% Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces
The special offer for the Brisbane Home Show will conclude at 5 pm on September 10th. Join us at stand A02 from Friday, September 8th, to Sunday, September 10th, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Bank.
Note: Showroom will be closed during these three days.
Note: Showroom will be closed during these three days.

Welcome to Roman Stone

Please call 0403082200 to discuss your requirements and set a time to view from over 500 full slabs at our warehouse. The Affordable Stone Motto: “Quality Stone for every Home” Affordable stone are manufacturers and suppliers of Roman Stone , Smart Stone and other Mineral stone in and around Brisbane since 2007. Affordable Stone Benchtops was formed in 2007 in Brisbane with an aim to manufacture Quality Reconstituted Stone Benchtops for the Queensland Market at a price that is unbelievable Value for Money.

The Affordable Stone Advantage

One Point of Contact

Our Clients deal with a dedicated Manager for each individual case from Start to finish. Right from your initial enquiry to your colour selection at our Brisbane warehouse to scheduling your measure up and Instal. Your point of contact does not change, which avoids any delays and you are kept informed each step of the way.

Measure/ Manufacture and Install by One dedicated team

Every Kitchen has a dedicated team of Stonemasons with over 30 years of combined experience in their respective fields. The team that measures your benchtops will be fabricating and installing your stone tops. This avoids any errors in loss of critical information down the line which enables our teams have a 99% success rate in doing your job right the first time.

Latest in CNC Technology

Every Stone Benchtop is manufactured and tailor made at our Brisbane Factory using the latest in European Digital CNC technology to fabricate a custom fit quality product in terms of finish and fit.

Large In house Slab Stock

We understand that it is hard to visualise the look of your finished benchtops by viewing small samples and pictures. To avoid this problem, we stock a wide range of colours and Full slabs at our Brisbane warehouse, where you could select your slab at the time of finalising your order.

Vein Match

We stock a wide array of colours in the Supernatural Mineral series like the Calacatta and Statuario to name a few. A critical factor in getting your Kitchen look the best it can, it is important that a vein is matched at seams to get the Wow factor and also avoid using a lot more material that would blow the cost out of proportion. We pride ourselves in providing the best layouts to achieve the best possible vein match by spending time on the job before manufacturing your benchtops as is evident from our product portfolio images.

The Mineral stone advantage over other newer materials like Porcelain.

All our Supernatural Mineral stock is full bodied (this means the pattern of vein on the surface of the stone runs through the entire edge once fabricated and polished, including the edge of exposed stone on an undermount sink) unlike some other material such as Porcelain which mostly is a surface print over clay and has to be mitred to avoid showing the edge. All exposed edges after fabrication on 6mm and 12mm thick porcelain show the colour of brownish clay, which is completely different to the surface print.

The edges on our quartz is a nice 3mm aris or pencil round which is not the case with porcelain as polishing deep into the cut edge exposes this brown colour as the print on the surface in porcelain does not penetrate 3mm through the surface.

This makes the porcelain edges sharp after mitering as compared to a nice aris on quartz.

This sharp edge on porcelain is prone to causing harm like cuts to children and also prone to chipping as Porcelain is a very hard and brittle material. Once this edge is chipped it’s hard to colour match the edge on porcelain.

The other new invention in Mineral is manufacturing the stone from low silica. All the brands we use are converting to low Silica and this will be standard towards the end of 2023.

We are already fabricating Mineral that has a safe level of silica and thereby further reducing the harm it could cause to workers.

Further to this our fabrication is fully automated using Computerised saws and polishers reducing human interaction while fabricating your next Stone Benchtop.

We are a Green manufacturer

We are an Environmentally conscious manufacturer and reduce the impact of Manufacturing your stone Benchtops tops on the Environment.

How do we achieve that ?

Stone fabrication by its nature consumes a large volume of Water for fabrication and polishing. We recycle all our water and do not use fresh water for every Stone Benchtop created.

All the water used to manufacture your stone Benchtops is recollected in an underground pit, goes through a filtration process and reused, thereby only using about 5% of fresh water than it would otherwise require. That’s a saving of 95% of water. To put things into perspective, polishing of edges on stone require approx 250 litres of water per minute. We bring that down to 12.5 litres!


New Supernatural Mineral Series